Grade 1 Holy Rosary

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Stop Motion Spider Video by Max, Aidan, Danny, Lachlan, Grace, Emilia





Spiders are the scariest things in Bayswater Rd because there aren’t many more scary things. Spiders have 8 hollow legs. It looks like they are not afraid of us but they are more afraid. That is why they bite us. Spiders like to make webs in things that most people don’t like going in to. Female black widow spiders can kill a person. Spiders have a talent. Their talent is doing tricks like shaking their bottom and putting their feet up in the air. What would you think if there were no spiders in our world? There would be millions and billions and trillions of flies going this way and that way and then our world would become a fly world not a person world – a fly world!!! The 11th biggest spider in the world was discovered in 2009 when most of the kids in grade 1 where born.


Max Martinuzzo!

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My Christmas holiday this summer

This Christmas my dad`s family is coming down for Christmas. I`m so excited for them to come. We have already set up the Christmas tree. It looks really pretty. I am so excited. First it didn`t look very good because the dining table was squishing the christmas tree so we had to move the christmas tree. Now we have room for the presents. The christmas lights on the christmas tree change patterns. It is not long till christmas. It is only a few weeks away. The people are coming are coming a few days before Christmas day. The people that are coming are staying for 8 days.   We are going to have a  Christmas dinner all together. I all ready know what I want for Christmas. I want a skipping rope,  shopkins set and I might ask santa for a stuffed toy. I`m so excited for Christmas. At school, before Christmas we call it Advent, that’s where we celebrate Jesus’ birthday.


by Xanthe

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My Brother’s Reconciliation by abigale r

My brother made his first Reconciliation the other day.I am very proud of him.  At school we had a assembly and then after school we went home and we got dressed and then we went back to church and Anthony confessed.I think Anthony confessed i am sorry for being grumpy at my Mum and Dad, my friend Holly was there too.I saw my other friend Matilda, Holly is 6 and Matilda is 5. After school some nights we had sessions about reconciliation. On his first session he got a candle and we decorated it.After he confessed we lighted the candle. I saw my friend Matyas. It is his baptism in November.


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directions game

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Steam Train Trip

I went on a steam train with my cousin, my mum, my sister and my uncle. I got a sausage and donuts. When we got on the train we got seats on a big couch and there was a big table in front of us. Next to us was a shop. The shop had lots of lollies. We got to see the diesel engine and we got to drive the train it was really fun because the train is big and we are really small next to the train. Me and my cousin got to put the fire and rocks in and my sister drove the train with the driver and then we went to the very back of the train. It was like a prison but had lots of things in it. We saw daddy at skinny park he is a bit sick but he came to see us anyway. He had to stand there for a long time, finally we saw him. When we went outside I got lost because I was in a room and mum and my sister went one way and I went the other!! When I went back I found out that I lost my mum I went to the people that ran the place, then I saw mum and my sister. I went to them and said “I got lost” then we got back on the train. When we got backwe had a bbq at our house.

by Max
kids on trainimg_5201img_5192


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My Holiday

On my holiday I got ice-cream. It was chocolate ice-cream. My sister got a mango ice-cream I liked my

ice-cream . My ice-cream looked cool.

Also I saw  dolphins and crabs and fish.

In the water I got a bluebottle sting. At Noosa when it was night my family and  I went to restaurants every day.

by Audrey

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MINIBEAST VIDEOS (Literacy Task)!/media/30267/how-do-apiarists-farm-their-bees-!/media/86020/where-does-honey-come-from-!/media/1456052/ants-helping-stick-insects-!/media/2100849/scrumptious-insects


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Minibeast incursion

What we saw and learned….

Snail. We were very gentle with snails.

Rainbow Scorpions have an exoskeleton. They glow under UV light and moonlight. It might help them see in the dark. They have venom in their food. They are hunters.

Centipede – the one we saw was a Rain Forest centipede. It’s a hunter. Its venom is in its front legs and he could hunt little mice.

Millipede – the one we saw was a Rain Forest millipede and is much bigger than other types.

There is a difference between poisonous (touch) and venomous (bite)!

Spiders : St. Andrew’s Cross Spider . It’s smart to look like a bee and that keeps her safe. This is called mimicry.

We also met a red back spider.

Huntsman spider – has very long legs and runs very fast.  If you are very gentle, you can touch them.  They only bite when they are scared.

Australian Tarantula.

Giant Burrowing Cockroach – it is native to Australia and only eats dried gum leaves. They are good mums!

Stick insect. We know she’s a girl because she’s got tiny little wings.

Rainbow Stag Beetle.  The males have horns and fight with other males, showing off to girl Rainbow Stag Beetles.

The male water bug raises the babies. They are good dads. They are good hunters. They have got really strong legs.








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