Grade 1 Holy Rosary

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Elephants by Max

Elephants are the largest land animals in the world. The biggest of them are about 12 feet tall, which is twice the height of a man, and they weigh up to 7 tons, which is seven times heavier then your family,s car. They have a nose about 200 times longer then your nose. They have 3 toenails and little toes. Elephants have rely big feet. They have dirt baths they think it is rely nice. Elephants have a trunk, the trunk helps them to have dirt baths and have fun! Elephants can be sad. They are funny animals! Female elephants are called a cow, even though she doesn’t moo!!!   She can have babies, which are called calves, till she’s about 50 years old. Elephants have big ears to hear things from long distances awey. Elephants have rely short tails. Elephants walk really slowly because they are really fat. Elephants are scared of mice.

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Monash University!!!

On the weekend I went to monash university and you get science badges and pat animals. You get to watch a science experiment with Hydrogen. In science there is biolgy, physics, atmosphere and chemistry!!! There is free noodles to eat!!! +I went there with my mum(Ivy).

from Noah (with Callie’s help)

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Genius Time tomorrow


Dear Parents and community

We are so lucky to have had lots of help with Genius Day this year.

If anyone would like to assist Ant and our Junior Masterchefs tomorrow with cooking in the morning or afternoon, please comment here or e-mail us.

Tomorrow we celebrate National Tree Day and Lucy has lots of ideas for Genius Gardening Club. If you are interested in helping with gardening, planting or creating a butterfly garden, we’d love to have you on board.

Help in the Genius Room is also always appreciated!


Genius Team

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We are learning about Place Value : Add Ten

ADD 10

ADD 11





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Our Buddies

In grade one, we have grade three buddies. My buddy’s name is  Isabella. She is really helpful and in some sessions we get to have free time with our buddies. We get to draw, read and stuff like that. Me and my buddie have lots of fun together. Some times we have to share. Some of the grade ones have two buddies. We have buddy time every Monday. And sometimes when our buddies are away we get to share each others. I love buddy time!!!!

What do you like about having a buddy?

From Xanthe in grade one.


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Handwriting Practice

Grade One Parents,

Some students will receive sheets to practise their handwriting over the holidays or any time at their/your convenience. It will be more beneficial  if they have a grey lead pencil, sharpener and eraser available while practising. We are reminding students of correct pencil grip and starting letters in the correct spot and also not lifting the pencil if they don’t need to!

There is a great iphone/ ipad/ android app called “rEd writing” which really helps and includes the Victorian Modern Cursive Font.


Edel and Erica


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Xanthe’s post

In our inquiry, we have been learning about interviewing. We have been watching some videos to help us learn more about interviewing. We have been learning about open and closed questions. An open question is a question that gives you more information from the person that you are interviewing, a closed question is a question that gives you one or two words for your answer. An open question is very important question because you learn more about the other person’s life. I interviewed my dad. Something I learnt about my dad is, his favourite holiday is Christmas because, we go up to Brisbane and gather up the family. I moved from Brisbane because my mum got her job here.


Yesterday’s Morning Excursion to Melbourne Museum

image image image image

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History Interactive Site : My Place

Explore One place over 220 years : 1788 – 2008

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