Grade 3-4 Holy Rosary – WELCOME TO 2019!!!!

Welcome to our blog! Look forward to some online learning links and a chance for 3/4 students to publish their writing for an authentic audience.

Welcome to our class blog!

on 02/10/2013

Our blog is a place where we can write comments, share photographs and read other people’s work. Please write a comment about the blog or about something you have learned this week. We can’t wait to share comments and read and listen to comments.

What is your favourite thing about school so far this year?

What has been the most fun for you?

What are you really excited about this year?

40 Responses to “Welcome to our class blog!”

  1. Grace and Tabyy says:

    Hello everyone
    welcome to our class blog we are going to write
    some comments about our class blog.
    our favourite thing we do at school is writing in our
    school blog.
    Playing with our school friends
    and making new friends in our class .We are very exicited about this year and learning new things.
    We want to thank our teachers for all of the things that they have taught us this year.
    From’ Grace and Tabitha.

    • Alessandra says:

      Dear Grace and Tabitha
      I’ve got a question for you both. Do you like writing comments on the blog?

      • Tabitha says:

        Yes Alessandra I like writing comments on the blog, and I like to read them too.
        Did you like task works today?


  2. konatsu says:

    Hello students, hope you are woking well! we hope you are listening to the teacher and having fun! plesase play safely with each other and do not be distracted and if somone distracts you, just ignore them!

    ***Do you have any other advice?***

    From Konatsu and Kyla

  3. Jordyn and Holly says:

    Hi class
    we’ve had a great time so far this year.
    we liked pancake Tuesday because we got so much
    pancakes YUM!!! the most fun we’ve had was doing the
    daily 5. we are looking forword to the Excursions.

    love from Holly and Jordyn xoxo

    • Alessandra says:

      Dear Jordyn and Holly
      I agree with you the pancakes were super YUM! I love music class I love playing the closet key game. What do you like about music?

  4. Electra says:

    Hi everyone

    My most favourite thing at school was making pancakes, they were so yummy.

    I love doing the daily 5 [Electra]
    I love doing sports every monday [Emma]

    from Emma and Electra

  5. alessandra says:

    Hello 1/2E
    I am really excited about going on exursions this year.
    I really like learning new things at school so far this year.
    I loved making pancakes on Pancake Tuesday. What’s been your favourite thing so far this year? I hope you write back soon.
    From Alessandra.

  6. Jordyn says:

    Dear Electra
    I really like the Daily 5 too.
    I hope we have fun when we’re doing the daily 5.
    My favorite in the daily 5 was: Read to self.
    what was yours?

  7. Grace says:

    Hello 1/2E. It was very exciting to read your comments. I thought they were lovely to read. They sounded excellent. It was very nice to see the comments you liked to write on our class blog today. From Grace.

  8. Edel says:

    Good evening everybody!

    Yes, Grace, I agree with you. It has been very exciting and entertaining to read all of your comments on our blog. I hope you like the photos!
    Some Grade 2 students were very busy looking up spellings in their dictionaries as they wrote blog comments. This is an important part of independent learning.
    It’s good to hear that you’re enjoying the Daily Five Reading activities and the sport on Mondays. I really enjoyed soccer this afternoon with some Grade 1-2s. It was good to see so many of us building on our teamwork and ball skills.

    ***What sport were you involved in?***

    ***Is there something you’d really love us to talk about in the blog this term? Maybe you could be a guest author! ***

  9. Grace says:

    Dear Alessandra I agree with you and I do like writing things on the blog . My favourite thing writing on the blog is writing to my friends I am very excited about this year I am very intrested in learning new things. Are you? I hope we write to each other.
    from Grace.

    • Alessandra says:

      Dear Grace
      I am very glad you like writing comments on the blog. I like writing comments on the blog too. I am going to read my reader more so Edel can put me green on the checklist.
      From Alessandra

  10. kyla says:

    Hello everyone in 12E ! !IT has been very hot these days. Who thinks that too? When I am working in the class I think I am not in school from Kyla

  11. Emma says:

    I really enjoyed yoga with Liz in the adventure playground. The snake breathing and the back to back with Olivia were my favourite parts. We kept falling over, it was funny! I look forward to seeing the photos on our blog. Emma.

    • Alessandra says:

      Dear Emma
      Did you enjoy yoga? I thought it was very tricky did you? The breathing was a bit easier. I like sport do you? I love writing comments on the blog.
      From Alessandra

  12. Liam and nate says:

    Today we read Zacpower. I read it with Nate and Callum we had alot of fun.

    from Liam

    • Alessandra says:

      Dear Liam and Nate
      I think it’s great that your reading your favourite books isn’t it? I hope your reading your readers.
      From Alessandra

  13. Dion and Ruben says:

    Hello 1/2E

    I love friday because you get to do music it is fun and it is the last day of the week. I like Lego in the library.
    from Dion and Ruben

  14. dawet says:

    hello 1/2E
    I like doing the blog and playing with Steven and sometimes with Remy and Marcus. I like going on the netbooks. My favourite thing is playing With steven and my favourite sport is soccer. What is your favourite thing?
    from dawet

  15. Steven says:

    hello eveybody,
    welcome to our blog. My favourite thing at shcool is to play tige with Benw Dawet lachian G Remy Pierce and Sebastian.My favourite thing at home is to play playstashion3. My favourite thing at shcool is to eat Yumy!!! pancake.My friend is Dawet.My favourite thing at shcool is to do some work one of the Daily five.My favourite thing at shcool is to play with my friend remy, doing some writing comment in the blog by myself.Playing on the computer.
    From Steven

  16. Sinead says:

    Hi 1/2E,

    Your blog looks great. I love all the photos. We are going to start our Prep blog next week so I hope you will leave a comment for the Preps.

    from Sinead

  17. Lily says:

    My Favourite thing is the Daily 5

  18. James says:

    Hello 1/2E I hope you are having A good time in 1/2 ***what do you like doing on the weekend when it is hot?***

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone I hope you’re having a great time in1/2 what do you like about school?
    What is your favourite sport?

  20. Holly says:

    Dear Eletcra, I like the daily 5 too. my favourite things
    on the daily 5 choices are: read to self, read to someone and work on writing.

    What are yours?

    Love Holly

  21. Electra says:

    Dear James I like to go to the beach or the swimming pool on the weekend when it is hot. Electra

  22. Edel says:

    Well done on all of your lovely comments in the past two weeks. Thanks to the Grade 2 students for being great blogging leaders!

    Yes Sinead, we’ll definitely check out the prep blog and comment!

    We are going to learn lots about writing quality comments in the rest of this term.

    ###Please see the new post on the blog now!!###

    • Eithne Barry says:

      Hi Edel and Class 1-2. I love to read your Blog and see how you are all enjoying school. It is interesting for me to see what you do in your school in Melbourne.

      I live in Ireland and I work in a school in Junior class. I am Teacher Edel’s mum!

      I hope you receive my comment as this is the first time I have written on your Blog.

      Bye for now.

  23. Margaret says:

    Lucky me! I came to see you learning in the multipurpose room today. Students were working alone, or together, helping each other with ideas for “SEEDS” or helping with spelling or helping with the computers.
    It was a very co-operative learning time. I loved the bells which help to keep the noise level down so we could all do our work.
    Great work 1/2s!

    • Electra says:

      dear margaret,
      I was one of the people that did seeds. One of the seeds that I did was my favourite book is clarice bean and I know I told you this 7 or 8 times but I really like the book!

      Whats one of your seeds?

  24. Olivia says:

    Hello 1-2E
    Hi Edel
    Has everyone been good?
    from Olivia

  25. Grace says:

    Dear Eithne,
    I hope you like reading our comments on our blog. We went on an excursion on Thursday last week to Taskworks. There was a cable maze, stomp a stump, lots of costumes and a puzzle room. The puzzle room had blocks and some bikes and there was peg fast which was a bit like a challenge. I had lots of fun at Taskworks and there was a leader of each group and they had a tag with a string around their neck which told them in order what they had to do. Do you have fun in Ireland?
    From Grace

  26. sean says:

    I like taskworks.
    I have been there before.

  27. Dion says:

    Hello 1/2/E have you been learning friends of ten and doubling. I like the long weekend do you like the long weekend? I like the morning because we get free time.I like to do arts and craft with Ruben. from Dion

  28. Liam T says:

    Hello 1/2/E I am in prep. I am Learning how to raed books. Dion halped me. from Liam T

  29. liam L says:

    My favourite thing to do at school is pm reading on the computer.

  30. Merry Beau and 2nd Class Room 6 says:

    Forty comments on this post! Wow! We notice you guys are VERY GOOD about commenting on your blog. You must be very proud of it 🙂 It is good to comment. It means that your writing has meaning and is being read all over the World Wide Web. We are reading it many miles away in Ireland. We are at school, when you are sleeping 🙂

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