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Fun in Grade 1-2 , Week 5!

on 02/26/2013

Hello everybody in 1-2 E,

In the multi-purpose room, we are working on our non-negotiables and the Daily 5. We are taking part in focus groups with the 1-2 teachers. The North Melbourne players popped in to say hello today! We are trying to manage ourselves and work quietly in the space. We are getting quicker at being silent when we hear the bell. If you want to type a letter to your buddy online, please click on the link to “letterlink”.

In Maths, we are looking at some mental addition strategies, like: friends of ten and doubling. It’s fun to practise these skills with games. 

We are really excited about our excursion to Taskworks. We’ll enjoy lots of group  tasks and problem solving. Don’t forget to visit the Library page soon and comment on Marg’s posts!


What have you been enjoying in the multi-purpose room?

How are you smart? (think about talents, hobbies, passions, goals)

Comment on your learning or reply to someone else’s comment.



12 Responses to “Fun in Grade 1-2 , Week 5!”

  1. Eithne says:

    Hi Class 1-2..I love to read your Blog.
    I live in Ireland and am Edel’s mum.
    Let me know if you receive my comment.

    • Alessandra and Grace says:

      Dear Eithne
      Thank you for writing a comment on the blog. We went to Taskworks. We went on Thursday. Our favourite things were the Cable Maze, Stomp a Stump and the Puzzle Room.

  2. Alessandra says:

    Hello 1/2E
    I like going on the netbooks in the multi-purpose room. I counted how long it is until Easter this morning before I went to school. It’s four weeks and a bit until Easter! I told my sister that it’s not just about the Easter Bunny but it’s about Jesus.

  3. 1-2E says:

    Hello Eithne,

    Thanks for the comment you wrote to us, it is great!
    It surprised us a lot!
    We went to Taskworks yesterday. It was so much fun. The Stomp a Stump was fun too.
    Edel might be able to take you to Taskworks if you come down here.
    We are learning to count in twos and friends of ten.
    This morning we loved playing with fabric.
    How are you going in Ireland?
    Liam likes to play with lego all the time.
    Nate’s hobby is learning to make new friends.

    love from 1-2 E

  4. Electra says:

    Dear Alessandra,
    I agree with you alessandra I love going on the netbooks too and Alessandra you’re right its not just about the Easter bunny it’s about Jesus.

    did you enjoy going to TasksWorks?
    whats one of the seeds that you did in your writers notebook?

    • Alessandra says:

      Dear Electra
      Yes I did enjoy going to Taskworks. My favourite game at Taskworks was playing Stomp-a-Stump. One of the seeds I wrote was Japenese. Did you enjoy Taskworks? What was favourite game at Taskworks?
      From Alessandra

      • Electra says:

        Hi alessandra
        yes I did enjoy going to TasksWorks and my favourite game was stomp a spump aswell.

  5. kyla and Jordyn says:

    Hello evryone in 1/2E
    we are hoping you are having fun doing the daily 5.
    What was your favourite thing at TaskWorks?
    Who is your favourite singer?
    I am Jordyn and I am 7 years old my best colour is blue.
    I am Kyla and I love Holyroseary and I am 6 years old

  6. Holly says:

    Hello everyone,
    I loved going to Taskworks. it was the most fun ever. my favourite part was stomp a stump and rock star dress ups.

    Did you enjoy anything?
    Love Holly xoxo

  7. Madeleine says:

    Hello 1/2E friends,

    I enjoyed Taskworks because it was fun to do new things. my favorite part was dressups. What is your favorite part?

    from Madeleine

  8. Konatsu says:

    Hello 12E Iam excited for the next excursion. I want to go to the library with my own card and in a bus with my own friends. I want to be a 5/6. Konatsu

  9. Edel says:

    Hi everyone,
    It looks like Taskworks was a very popular excursion with everybody. I loved the dress ups too.

    It’s very exciting to read about your experiences on the blog!

    Konatsu, it sounds like you love being independent. Maybe you could join the local library.

    Electra and Alessanda, it’s great that you are remembering what Easter is about. I can’t wait to read more quality comments…

    Watch out for the next post!


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