Grade 3 Holy Rosary

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Follow the link and take our Music Poll…

on 05/01/2013

What do you love listening to? 

We are going to find out the most popular music in Grade 1-2 and maybe even at Holy Rosary!!

This poll was created using a website called polldaddy.

Find the link to the polldaddy site here and vote!!

12 Responses to “Follow the link and take our Music Poll…”

  1. Madeleine says:

    Hello 1\2E
    I hope Taylor Swift will be the most favourite one.
    from Madeleine

  2. James says:

    Hello 1/2E
    I have a great recipe for mothers day!
    It is for scones and its really easy and you should try it.

  3. Edel says:

    Hi 1-2 E,

    I wonder who will win our poll. I wonder how many people will vote altogether. Madeleine, I’m not sure about Taylor Swift. Gangnam Style is very popular.

    James, those scones look delicious. Thanks for posting the link for everybody. What a great idea. Did you use “copy and paste”? I’m sure lots of Mums would love a scone with a nice cup of tea!


    • James says:

      Thank you for saying that.You know I tried the recipe and it was easy and I can’t believe you put lemonade in it.

      I think Edel’s wrong because gangnam style started off with only one vote.And my sister love’s gangnam style.
      ***Did you see the recipe***What is you’re favourite song***What did you vote for***

    • Matthieu says:

      Dear Edel when will we know who is the winner?

  4. Kyla says:

    Hello everybody I hope Sam and the Womp win the poll. Do you like that song? From Kyla

    • Alessandra says:

      Dear Kyla
      I hope Sam and the Womp have the most votes too. I have the song stuck in my head!
      From Alessandra

      • James says:

        I have a song stuck in my head too!It is Taylor swift.And I can’t stop singing that song.But I stil want Taylor swift to win.***what is stuck in your head?***do you like Taylor swift***what is your favourite song***

  5. Tracy says:

    Hello 1-2 E,
    My name is Tracy and my favourite song from the poll was
    “we are never ever getting back together” by Taylor swift.
    James,the song song stuck in my head right now is also Taylor swift’s song. All her songs are so catchy.
    And I also agree that Taylor Swift should win! GO TAYLOR
    Many thanks 1-2 E,

    • Edel says:

      Thanks for voting Tracy! please tell all of your friends in Grade 3-4 to take part in our poll. What could our next poll be about?

  6. Merina says:

    Hello 1-2 E,

    My name is Merina. I think lots of people are voting for Taylor Swift which is good because l love her songs as much as you do. Her songs are awsome and she is too. She should win!!!
    By the way 1-2E your blog is awesome(::)


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