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Take our animal poll!

on 05/23/2013

We have designed this poll together in our class. There was lots of talk about the best question to ask and the best options to offer. We will count the votes and publish the results in one week!

3 Responses to “Take our animal poll!”

  1. Merry Beau and 2nd Class Room 6 says:

    We hope you do not mind but we voted all the way from Ireland.
    We voted for the monkey.
    There were some boys who REALLY liked the sharks
    and a few students who were BIG fans of polar bears. There were even a few students who made a STRONG case for the panther, but in the end the most votes were cast for the monkey. As fine looking and talented animals as the sharks, polar bears and panthers are the majority of the class felt that they were ‘killing machines’ and that monkeys had a better reputation 🙂

    Thank you for visiting our Green School Blog. We are 2nd Class in the same school. We are seven and eight years old. We have a classroom blog called ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’. Perhaps you might pop by and say hello 😉 About a dozen of our posts are in Irish (Gaelic) so don’t let that confuse you 😀

    With every good wish
    2nd Class Room 6 and their teacher Merry Beau

  2. Edel says:

    Thanks for your comment and your vote! Looks like monkey is our winner. Good reasoning!

    We have visited your wonderful blog and left a comment today.


  3. 2nd Class Room 6 says:

    Dear Boys and Girls from 1-2 E and your Teacher Edel,

    How wonderful to hear from you and to hear that
    your Teacher can speak Irish because she is from Ireland. Thank you very much for your lovely comment on our blog.

    We are happy that the monkey won 😀

    The Teacher in 2nd Class Room 6 loves the sound of optional homework because she finds she can spend 40 precious minutes at the beginning of the day checking that it is done. Though it
    is a link to home and shows parents how a child is doing.

    As you might guess, homework here is not optional.
    Nate asked ‘How long does it take to do your homework?’
    Well Nate here is the ‘rule of thumb’
    1st Class/Grade: Their homework is meant to take 10-20 minutes
    In 2nd homework is meant to take 20-30 minutes.
    In 3rd, it is 30-40
    In 4th: 40-50 minutes
    In 5th: 50-1 hour
    and in 6th: an hour to an hour and ten minutes.(That is a lot isn’t it!)

    Well you can imagine what happens!
    The Teacher gives homework that she estimates
    will take 20-30 minutes.
    Some children work very fast and are finished in
    ten minutes and for other children there are lots
    of interruptions and distractions and their
    homework may take an hour.
    It is very hard for teacher to assign homework
    that will take everyone the same amount of time.
    In fact it is probably impossible.

    The alphabet method of homework that you describe sounds very interesting and creative.
    You will learn a lot from reading . Our Teacher always says that it is an easy way to learn spelling and it helps with your style of writing too.
    We do skip counting too and number patterns.
    For homework we have done a lot of addition
    and take away tables.

    We are looking forward to our summer holidays
    and you have winter weather. We are in school now, and it is probably bedtime
    where you live. We think this is really interesting and we only started to understand the time differences
    between Ireland and other parts of the world when
    we started blogging.

    With every good wish
    2nd Class Room 6 and their Teacher, Merry Beau

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