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Our super day at CERES (a former landfill, can you believe it??)

on 05/27/2013

8 Responses to “Our super day at CERES (a former landfill, can you believe it??)”

  1. Edel says:

    Here is a link to CERES educational excursions page.
    The website has great resources and information for children and adults. Enjoy!

  2. Margaret says:

    Hello Edel and all the kids in 1/2E
    It must have been such a super day at CERES. Your photos tell the story. Animoto is a wonderful program.
    Can you please teach me how to make a story like this for the library blog? I would like to make one about our happy times in the library, especially this week at the book fair. I’ll take the photos first.

    • Edel says:

      Hi Marg,

      Here are the instructions for creating a beautiful animoto video.

      1. Save your required photographs into a folder on the computer called “bookfair”
      2. Use my email address and password to log in to animoto if you want. I’ll pass them on to you.
      3. Click “create”.
      4. This is the fun part – add the background video and song (it’s hard, there are so many!).
      5. Select all of your pre-chosen photos at once from the “bookfair” folder.
      6. Watch your video and edit it or add text to some photos.
      7. Process and click SHARE. Choose the EMBED option. I think medium size is best for our blogs.
      8. Copy the HTML code into your HTML of a blog post.
      9. Publish to your blog.
      10. Show an audience!

      I hope this helps. Students in 1-2 may do this too. Perhaps links to student animoto videos could be emailed to parents. I’m thinking about how this could work!….


  3. Holly says:

    Hello 1/2E
    Did you have fun at ceres? There were fun activites. My favourite thing was the creature digging.

    • Alessandra says:

      Hi Holly

      I liked holding my worm too. I put mine back early!
      The worm did a poo on me! I know the word poo is not a nice word, but the worm did poo on me! Did you see Tabitha holding her worm in the animoto video? Her worm was funny.

      I also liked making the paper and doing the relay race.
      And yes I did have fun at CERES. Do you remember the litter trap. It did sound unhealthy but it actually is healthy because, it stopped the litter going down the drain and eventually ending up in the ocean. It was lot’s of fun.
      From Alessandra

  4. Dawet says:

    hi 1/2E,

    I like CERES. It had paper making and I like the baby worms because they tickle your hand, it was fun.

    from Dawet.

  5. Claudia.C. says:

    Hi Emma and 1/2E,

    Iv’e got some questions for you:

    Did you have fun?
    What was your favourite thing?
    What was your least favourite thing?
    And did you like the worms?

    I went there in one of my excersions and I loved it so I hope you liked it to!

    From Claudia.C.

  6. Kyla says:

    Hello everyone did you know that landfill is the place where all your rubbish goes. And Ceres use to be landfill. The boss said we want the animals to come back. We can make a litter trap where all the rubbish gets stuck on the metal so it doesn’t go in the beach so they did.

    From Kyla

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