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The people have voted…

on 05/30/2013

And the winner is……..MONKEY!! We will make pictographs and bar charts to present our data.

“What is your favourite of these four animals?”  panther, polar bear, monkey, shark.

We designed this poll together.

It was hard to decide on only four animals.

We were excited that a class from Ireland voted in our poll and wrote a quality comment!

47 votes were cast altogether.

We will show our data on pictographs and bar-charts.

What animal did you choose? Why?


2 Responses to “The people have voted…”

  1. 1-2E says:

    I chose….

    Polar Bear because I have a toy bear. Kyla

    Monkey because they are harmless. Tabitha

    Shark because I like sharks. Lily

    Shark because my sister has a shark teddy. Sean

    Polar Bear because they are white and it’s a nice colour. Grace

    Monkey because it’s clever. Konatsu

    Monkey because I’ve seen one at the zoo. Callum

  2. Alessandra says:

    Hello 1/2E
    I voted for polar bear. I think monkey is winning because someone might have voted for monkey more then once! Edel said maybe a whole family voted. It’s OK if some people from the same family voted but you can only vote once.

    It’s important that if you want your favourite animal to win then tell your family to vote. Lot’s of people voted for monkey because they are harmless. You can vote for another reason for example: if the animal is interesting to learn about you can vote. You can vote for any animal for any reason really.
    From Alessandra

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