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Learning new skills with Environment Projects

on 06/03/2013

If you are working on a project, this site may help: 

Jordyn and Grace worked interdependently on “Holy Rosary’s Environment”.

They presented their work with a poster and we also looked at their brainstorm on Kidspiration.

If you need help with key words or creating a glossary, they may be able to help you. Well done girls!

What did you enjoy about this presentation?

Are you researching a topic at the moment and what have you learned so far?

Do you know any key words about the Environment?


6 Responses to “Learning new skills with Environment Projects”

  1. Emma and Alessandra says:

    Hello 1/2E
    My project is about sorting rubbish. I know a little bit about sorting rubbish. I’m still working on my brainstorm. Emma

    My project is about recycling. I know a lot about recycling. I’m nearly ready to present my work.

    What’s your topic for your project?
    From Emma and Alessandra

  2. James says:

    Hello Grace and Jordyn
    I realy liked your kidspiration project I like the way you did the blue background in your brainstorm. I loved it.
    ***Jordyn what was your favourite thing when you made the brainstorm with Grace?***
    From James

  3. Alessandra says:

    Hi 1/2E

    I’m doing a powerpoint for my project. I’m so excited to present my project. I have eight slides in my powerpoint, and one more that says “the powerpoint is over.”

    I’ve been working very hard on my project. It has took me such a long time to do my project! I have had fun, I love doing projects. I wish I could another project!

    What are you doing for your project?

    Are you interested in doing a project?

    Are you comfortable with your topic that you chose?

    From Alessandra

  4. Dion says:

    Hello 1/2E
    I hope you a having fun on study ladder and I hope you have lots of points on study ladder. I am going on a Holiday on the weekend.
    From Dion

  5. Edel says:

    Well done on your quality comments.
    It’s great that you are addressing your audience, using paragraphs and asking questions to other readers.

    Alessandra, your PowerPoint was excellent, well done. I liked the way you included pictures and wrote some important words in capital letters!

    Emma, I look forward to seeing your poster!

    The whole class is really enjoying seeing all of these projects. It’s inspirational.

    Next term we will practise together and learn some presentation and public speaking skills.

    Well done everyone!


  6. James says:

    Hello Edel

    Even though I presented on the second last day of the term, at least I got to present my project.

    Alessandra, I REALLY liked your power point it was really good.


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