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Creative Recycling of Book Catalogues…

on 06/20/2013

9 Responses to “Creative Recycling of Book Catalogues…”

  1. Margaret says:

    I am so proud of our students and staff!!!!!
    What a wonderfully happy day we had recycling our book club catalogues.
    I think we are the winners!

  2. 1-2E says:

    Some 1-2 E thoughts:

    Everyone thought my tu-tu was funny! Alessandra

    Is Olivia really making dinner tonight?! James

    I think we are going to be the winners too. Kate

    I thought it was a great idea. Grace

    I wonder if we’ll win the bins. Tabitha

  3. Kyla says:

    Hello everyone I was in the origami group and I made so much I couldn’t hold them all. I made a
    Cat, Dog, Japaneese Fan…
    It was fun doing it but in the end it became pretty messy!


    PS it was so fun!!!!!

  4. Alessandra says:

    Hello 1-2E
    I made a paper tu-tu. I felt very embarrassed when people laughed at my photo in the animoto video, even Edel thought it was funny!

    I also made a necklace but, it got squashed.

    Liz helped by stapling the fans on to a piece of ribbon to make my tu-tu.

    What did you make? What did you learn from the creating time?
    From Alessandra

    • Dawet says:

      hello Alessandra,

      your paper tu-tu looks very creative and I made a sword and what did you use to make the tu-tu? was it paper? or cardboard plate? did someone help you? I like how you made it,

      from Dawet

      • Alessandra says:

        Hello Dawet,
        Yes Liz helped me staple the paper fans on a piece of ribbon. I used the paper. I enjoyed making my tu-tu.

        Now I know that there’s one person who dosen’t think my tu-tu is funny.

        I hope we win the bins. We really deserve the bins. We know the most, and our creations are amazing!

        From Alessandra

        P.S I really appreciate it that you like my paper tu-tu!

        • Merry Beau and 2nd Class Room 6 says:

          Wow! Well done. Your Animoto is well named. Your work is certainly ‘Magic’. What great imaginations you all have. This work is very creative. We are very impressed.

          • Alessandra says:

            Hello again 2nd class room 6
            I made a tu-tu out of paper. Everyone laughs at my photo in the animoto, even I think I’m funny myself!

            I love the animoto video. I can’t stop watching it! I looooove the music in the animoto video.

            I try to comment on the blog almost everyday at school!

            How often do you comment on other schools/class’ blogs?

            From Alessandra

  5. Alessandra says:

    Hello 1-2E,
    I can’t believe we won the competition! We really deserved to win, because we worked so hard. I was hoping we would win the bins!

    I thougt we would win when Amanda said she had some exititng news! It’s great to win something against other schools.

    Congratulations with your amazing creations!
    From Alessandra

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