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Steam Train Trip

on 11/20/2016

I went on a steam train with my cousin, my mum, my sister and my uncle. I got a sausage and donuts. When we got on the train we got seats on a big couch and there was a big table in front of us. Next to us was a shop. The shop had lots of lollies. We got to see the diesel engine and we got to drive the train it was really fun because the train is big and we are really small next to the train. Me and my cousin got to put the fire and rocks in and my sister drove the train with the driver and then we went to the very back of the train. It was like a prison but had lots of things in it. We saw daddy at skinny park he is a bit sick but he came to see us anyway. He had to stand there for a long time, finally we saw him. When we went outside I got lost because I was in a room and mum and my sister went one way and I went the other!! When I went back I found out that I lost my mum I went to the people that ran the place, then I saw mum and my sister. I went to them and said “I got lost” then we got back on the train. When we got backwe had a bbq at our house.

by Max
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