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My Brother’s Reconciliation by abigale r

on 11/27/2016

My brother made his first Reconciliation the other day.I am very proud of him.  At school we had a assembly and then after school we went home and we got dressed and then we went back to church and Anthony confessed.I think Anthony confessed i am sorry for being grumpy at my Mum and Dad, my friend Holly was there too.I saw my other friend Matilda, Holly is 6 and Matilda is 5. After school some nights we had sessions about reconciliation. On his first session he got a candle and we decorated it.After he confessed we lighted the candle. I saw my friend Matyas. It is his baptism in November.


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  1. Katherine Ruiu says:

    That’s a lovely piece Abi. Well done. Love Mummy

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