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My Christmas holiday this summer

on 11/28/2016

This Christmas my dad`s family is coming down for Christmas. I`m so excited for them to come. We have already set up the Christmas tree. It looks really pretty. I am so excited. First it didn`t look very good because the dining table was squishing the christmas tree so we had to move the christmas tree. Now we have room for the presents. The christmas lights on the christmas tree change patterns. It is not long till christmas. It is only a few weeks away. The people are coming are coming a few days before Christmas day. The people that are coming are staying for 8 days.   We are going to have a  Christmas dinner all together. I all ready know what I want for Christmas. I want a skipping rope,  shopkins set and I might ask santa for a stuffed toy. I`m so excited for Christmas. At school, before Christmas we call it Advent, that’s where we celebrate Jesus’ birthday.


by Xanthe

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