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on 11/30/2016


Spiders are the scariest things in Bayswater Rd because there aren’t many more scary things. Spiders have 8 hollow legs. It looks like they are not afraid of us but they are more afraid. That is why they bite us. Spiders like to make webs in things that most people don’t like going in to. Female black widow spiders can kill a person. Spiders have a talent. Their talent is doing tricks like shaking their bottom and putting their feet up in the air. What would you think if there were no spiders in our world? There would be millions and billions and trillions of flies going this way and that way and then our world would become a fly world not a person world – a fly world!!! The 11th biggest spider in the world was discovered in 2009 when most of the kids in grade 1 where born.


Max Martinuzzo!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Max that is really interesting. I wonder what it would be like to live in a spider world. Jie has found a spider nest at our house, with hundreds of baby spiders, so we may soon find out!

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