Grade 3 Holy Rosary

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Handwriting Practice

Grade One Parents,

Some students will receive sheets to practise their handwriting over the holidays or any time at their/your convenience. It will be more beneficial  if they have a grey lead pencil, sharpener and eraser available while practising. We are reminding students of correct pencil grip and starting letters in the correct spot and also not lifting the pencil if they don’t need to!

There is a great iphone/ ipad/ android app called “rEd writing” which really helps and includes the Victorian Modern Cursive Font.


Edel and Erica


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Sight Word Bingo for Grade One

Practice reading the High Frequency Words here with this online Bingo Game.

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Studyladder Easy Log in link for Grade 1 students

Each student will receive a log-in password for Studyladder. There will be optional Maths and Literacy tasks assigned to Grade One throughout this year. Students are welcome to use the link above to log in at home to practise counting, word building. Occasionally students will be encouraged to use our school computers to log on and complete a specific task during their independent learning time.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

Many thanks,

Edel and Erica

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Bossy e

For Grade One students who would like to revise their Bossy e words at home, here is an interactive game for you to try. Remember, it is really important to try and read the words aloud as you go!

There is also a song about Bossy e here:


Creative Character Descriptions

Hi 1-2 E,

Some children at St. Luke’s Primary school in Blackburn have posted character descriptions on their blog. They were inspired by Roald Dahl. Please visit them by clicking on the link below. You may get some good ideas and I’m sure they’d love some positive feedback!




Happy Holidays 1-2 E!

Well done on all of your hard work this term 1-2 E. 

Please comment on these photographs or your learning this term and tell us what you are up to during these well deserved two weeks off!! 

Enjoy the break everybody…


L for Liam, Lego and Lagoon!

Liam made a Lego Lagoon this week for his homework. He used planning, designing and creative skills. Well done Liam!


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