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Premierś Reading Challenge

All Grade 3 students should have their username and password for the Premierś Reading Challenge. We have to read 15 books. Some of us have started our reading list already. Here is the link to access and log in.



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Project Compassion Fundraising Link

Harris and Grace will write a post here about Project Compassion!

project compassion


Project Compassion (Caritas)  is a very kind company (charity) that is helping people in east Africa and giving them money to make a business using what they know like harvesting and selling food . As well as using skills they are learning new skills that that they will use in the future. One of the people in a small village said “I have a vision”. On the Holy Rosary blog there is a link where you can donate to this kind company (charity). Every donation counts. Our aim is $300. Please help. If you put a donation in thank you very much. We want to hit our aim efficiently.

Good bye and thank you                                                   

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3E link



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Stop Motion Spider Video by Max, Aidan, Danny, Lachlan, Grace, Emilia





Spiders are the scariest things in Bayswater Rd because there aren’t many more scary things. Spiders have 8 hollow legs. It looks like they are not afraid of us but they are more afraid. That is why they bite us. Spiders like to make webs in things that most people don’t like going in to. Female black widow spiders can kill a person. Spiders have a talent. Their talent is doing tricks like shaking their bottom and putting their feet up in the air. What would you think if there were no spiders in our world? There would be millions and billions and trillions of flies going this way and that way and then our world would become a fly world not a person world – a fly world!!! The 11th biggest spider in the world was discovered in 2009 when most of the kids in grade 1 where born.


Max Martinuzzo!

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My Christmas holiday this summer

This Christmas my dad`s family is coming down for Christmas. I`m so excited for them to come. We have already set up the Christmas tree. It looks really pretty. I am so excited. First it didn`t look very good because the dining table was squishing the christmas tree so we had to move the christmas tree. Now we have room for the presents. The christmas lights on the christmas tree change patterns. It is not long till christmas. It is only a few weeks away. The people are coming are coming a few days before Christmas day. The people that are coming are staying for 8 days.   We are going to have a  Christmas dinner all together. I all ready know what I want for Christmas. I want a skipping rope,  shopkins set and I might ask santa for a stuffed toy. I`m so excited for Christmas. At school, before Christmas we call it Advent, that’s where we celebrate Jesus’ birthday.


by Xanthe

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My Brother’s Reconciliation by abigale r

My brother made his first Reconciliation the other day.I am very proud of him.  At school we had a assembly and then after school we went home and we got dressed and then we went back to church and Anthony confessed.I think Anthony confessed i am sorry for being grumpy at my Mum and Dad, my friend Holly was there too.I saw my other friend Matilda, Holly is 6 and Matilda is 5. After school some nights we had sessions about reconciliation. On his first session he got a candle and we decorated it.After he confessed we lighted the candle. I saw my friend Matyas. It is his baptism in November.


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directions game

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Link to Pat Maths for students

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Elephants by Max

Elephants are the largest land animals in the world. The biggest of them are about 12 feet tall, which is twice the height of a man, and they weigh up to 7 tons, which is seven times heavier then your family,s car. They have a nose about 200 times longer then your nose. They have 3 toenails and little toes. Elephants have rely big feet. They have dirt baths they think it is rely nice. Elephants have a trunk, the trunk helps them to have dirt baths and have fun! Elephants can be sad. They are funny animals! Female elephants are called a cow, even though she doesn’t moo!!!   She can have babies, which are called calves, till she’s about 50 years old. Elephants have big ears to hear things from long distances awey. Elephants have rely short tails. Elephants walk really slowly because they are really fat. Elephants are scared of mice.


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