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Monday morning Boat Building

Float or Sink??

The challenge:
With your partner create a boat which will float on water for more than ten seconds. Test your boat in the basins of water in the room. How many marbles can your boat carry?! Record your labelled diagram, prediction and test result using paper and clipboards. Don’t forget to give your boat a name.

The materials:

  • 10 icy pole sticks
  • Masking tape
  • Old magazines and scrap paper
  • Ribbon
  • 5 Matches
  • Small piece of blue-tack
  • Cellophane

We had some amazing entries in our Build a Boat Challenge! Some students had time to test their boats and then improve their design to carry even more marbles. We heard great teamwork and problem solving language during this task. The winning boat carried an amazing 25 marbles! Well done Angus and Oliver.

IMG_1240[1] IMG_1220[1] IMG_1225[1] IMG_1217[1] IMG_1214[1]



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At Holy Rosary we support our children to develop in a contemporary context. It is designed to prepare them for 21st century learning developing skills such as



problem solving








risk taking



intrinsic motivation

strategic decision making

During Genius Time our children have the opportunity to practise these skills and dispositions by exploring their passions. As self directed learners they manage their own time and are supported by teachers and other members of our school community, choosing from engaging and challenging experiences.

We would love any contributions that our school community can make towards Genius Day whether it be your time and knowledge or donations of resources. Everyone is welcome to come and be a genius with us!

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Genius Hour in 1-2 E

Today we went to Mass. We sang and read beautifully and were really proud.

Then we had Genius Hour and we got to do some creating and inventing!

We could make a story on Storybird. We could do some Art. We could play with fabric. We could build with lego. We could make with paper.

Edel taught some of us to weave with pieces of hessian. We poked holes in the hessian with scissors and then we pulled (or weaved) long strips of fabric through and made a pattern or picture. We got to do a practice piece first and then we got a larger piece of hessian to do a “good copy”. It was fun and we are not finished yet!

Nate built a piranha and a ship using Lego. Dash and Callum and Claudia also helped.

Matthieu and Max made flying pigs.

Grace made a story called “The Hoolie Pup” on Storybird.

James worked on his “Australian Discovery” project.

Kyla, Tabitha, Holly, Claudia, Emma, Lily, Madeleine and Kate all joined in the weaving workshop and created some beautiful fabric pictures.

Thank you for reading our post.

What did you create?

What do you think you can create next time?



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