Grade 3 Holy Rosary

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Term 4 Week 8 News

We have been so busy !

Swimming has been a huge success with  lots of students improving their skills or learning new strokes and techniques.  We come back to school very tired and hungry each day!

This week it’s “all systems go” before our BODY MIND SOUL expo next Tuesday. Students chose an area  of  interest and said what they’d like to find out  about it. They then grouped up  in chosen areas.  The three grades worked so well together yesterday  on investigating  and finding innovative ways to present their findings.  We will hold the expo  on Tuesday afternoon. We are going to leave it open from 3.25 to 4pm in case parents would like to wander in  for a wellbeing info session!

In Maths  We have been looking  at addition and subtraction and finding lots of strategies to make us better at these operations.

We are doing lots of practise for the carol service and our song is  “Santa Clause  is coming to town!”

Here are examples of the questions we are asking about Well-being…

What do you need to do to keep fit? 

How does your brain help you learn?

How can I be calm?

What makes me sweat?

How does your body move?

How does Smiling Mind help me?

Can Smiling Mind help me learn better?

What does it feel like to be healthy?

How does Smiling Mind keep me calm?

How do we experience the feeling of relaxation?

How do I keep fit?

Why is it important to give to charity?

How does meditation help you to concentrate?

Why is yoga good for the mind, body and soul?

How are team sports good for us?

How do our lungs work?

How does exercise help us?

How do we hear?

How can I make my muscles stronger?


Stop the Rubbish!

We have been using three bins in our classroom for the past week. They are for recycling, compost and rubbish. We can’t believe how much rubbish we ended up with! Where will it go? What can we do? Watch this space for our CERES photographs!

1-2 E Stop the Rubbish and Reduce Landfill NOW! on PhotoPeach


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