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History Interactive Site : My Place

Explore One place over 220 years : 1788 – 2008

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History Inquiry

Thanks to all of the families who sent in old things for our POP UP Museum. We loved being able to touch and play with these things – especially the Record player. Elvis was a big hit! We loved dancing to Jailhouse Rock and we will put some photos up here to show this! You are still welcome to send in any items.

The students watched and discussed this video interview today. A girl is interviewing her grandparents about their lives. She has written some questions.We visited our buddies and practised interviewing them. We had to use listening skills. We thought of open questions that didn’t have one word answers. We tried to use follow up questions to find out more detail.

Students will make a list of questions and use these to interview a parent or Grandparent. This could be done at home, via phone, skype, text or email, depending on your circumstances. Maybe some families could video the interviews to share with classmates!



Pop Up Museum coming soon!

Dear Parents of Grade One and Grade Two students,

For the remainder of Term Two our Inquiry Unit is History. Students will investigate what life was like in the past. We aim for them to do this through hands on experiences. They will be exposed to historical objects and stories.

We will have classroom “pop up” History museums and would love your contributions. It will be especially helpful if you speak to your child about something old or a picture of something from a long time ago. Tell them a story about how things were different for you as a child – a game you liked to play or songs you enjoyed listening to.

Students may choose to interview parents, grandparents or somebody else in their lives. We are letting you know this now as it may make our unit more engaging and interesting if parents can share stories and memories.

If you would like to come in and share your story with some or all students, we’d love to hear from you!


Grade One and Two Teachers (Edel, Erica, Sophie, Tom)

P.S. If sending artefacts in to school for our museum, please label them and we will do our best to look after them and return them safely to you : )

Some examples of possible items:

-item of clothing or uniform from another decade

-old computer games/consoles

-cards or letters


-baby books (belonging to Grade 1 or 2 child)

-newspapers or magazines

-money no longer in circulation

-drawings from a few or many years ago

-rocks and natural objects

-old football and sporting memorabilia

-maps, atlas, books, encyclopedias

Etc etc


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On Friday morning Grade 2 Students from 1-2 E and 1-2 L looked at the Storybird website together. We have our own accounts and will begin to write our own stories soon. This is a link to the short story we wrote together . It was great fun!

When you log onto Storybird you can read stories others have created and make your own. We  thought the illustrations were the best part!

This is a new and exciting way of publishing our writing and sharing it with a global audience. As part of the writing process, remember to plan and edit your work as you go. When Grade 2 students have had a chance to experiment with Storybird and discover its features, they will help Grade One children who are interested.



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