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“Catterpillars to Butterflies” by Alessandra 1-2E

This my information text. It’s about how a caterpillar transform into a butterfly. It’s also about a caterpillar’s life.


Caterpillars are special creatures. They turn into butterflies.


 Do you know how caterpillars turn into butterflies? They eat leaves and when they have eaten enough food they build a thing called a cocoon.


After a few weeks the cocoon will hatch and a butterfly will come out!


Cocoons have spikes to protect themselves from their enemies such as birds. Birds think caterpillars are worms.


How do caterpillars move around in a cocoon? The caterpillar comes out half way and crawls until it finds a comfortable spot to settle down.


And that’s all I know about caterpillars.   


Do you have any other facts about butterflies?

Thank you


Stop the Rubbish!

We have been using three bins in our classroom for the past week. They are for recycling, compost and rubbish. We can’t believe how much rubbish we ended up with! Where will it go? What can we do? Watch this space for our CERES photographs!

1-2 E Stop the Rubbish and Reduce Landfill NOW! on PhotoPeach


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