Grade 3 Holy Rosary

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Cinderella find your fella… A fairytale Maths activitity!

Today we measured our shoes.

We were trying to find someone with the same size shoes. It had to be the perfect match- just like Cinderella!

There were so many ways of measuring and comparing.

We managed to use all of the Maths equipment – cubes, counters, rulers, icy pole sticks, coins….

Some of us measured the insides of our shoes, it was tricky.

Holly (the charming prince) and Jordyn (Cinderella) even fitted on each others shoes, just to be sure!

Kate thought at the end of the day that we had “forgotten to do Maths”!

What did you use to measure?

Who had the same/ bigger/ smaller sized shoes?

How big were YOUR shoes?


Fair Sharing

In Maths we have been focusing on Division.

We solved word problems on the ixl website

We wrote our own problems and stories.

We drew pictures and diagrams.

In the photographs, some of us are sharing 12 blocks.

What did you find out?

What have you learned about Division? 

Do you have a Division story or problem to share with us?




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