Grade 3 Holy Rosary

Welcome to our blog!

It’s fun to be back!

Welcome to term three!

We are glad to be back and we are looking forward to sharing our learning with you again.

In Maths we are learning about Division. Division means making groups, sharing, doing division sums… We played Smarties Maths. 6 people had to share 60 smarties BUT there were ten, twenty and thirty in three different baskets. We had to decide which basket to stand beside so that we would get the most for each person. Try this at home. It’s tricky at first!

We are meeting our study group each morning in the Multi-Purpose room. We choose a goal to work on for the day or the week. It could be a reading or a writing goal. Dion’s goal is to find synonyms of words (words that mean the same thing.) Steven’s goal is to read over his work to check that it makes sense. Grace’s goal is to show the differences between narrative and non-fiction texts. The adult leader helps us to achieve our goals.

We have started Social and Emotiaonal Learning. This is to help us stay calm, control our feelings and act appropriately at school and at home.

We have a song to learn for the Concert. It’s called “Purple People Eater”. Don’t forget to practise!

We will miss Jennifer a lot this term!

Thank you for visiting and Don’t forget to comment!

from 1-2 E


Happy Holidays 1-2 E!

Well done on all of your hard work this term 1-2 E. 

Please comment on these photographs or your learning this term and tell us what you are up to during these well deserved two weeks off!! 

Enjoy the break everybody…


Creative Recycling of Book Catalogues…


Learning new skills with Environment Projects

If you are working on a project, this site may help: 

Jordyn and Grace worked interdependently on “Holy Rosary’s Environment”.

They presented their work with a poster and we also looked at their brainstorm on Kidspiration.

If you need help with key words or creating a glossary, they may be able to help you. Well done girls!

What did you enjoy about this presentation?

Are you researching a topic at the moment and what have you learned so far?

Do you know any key words about the Environment?



Our super day at CERES (a former landfill, can you believe it??)


Fruity Fractions!!

We are learning about fractions. Fractions are parts of a whole. When we cut a piece of fruit in half there are two pieces. They are the same size. A half is 1 of 2 parts or ½.

Miss Mui Mui was in charge of cutting the fruit. She made sure that she was cutting the whole piece into 2 pieces that were exactly the same. We even got to taste some pawpaw. Soon some of us will look at quarters and thirds. Keep taking lots of yummy fruit to school and we can cut it into fractions!



What did you notice?

Could we have problems halving some fruits?


Our Literacy time in the Multi-Purpose Room

We love Literacy time. It is so much fun. We like using the new bean bags and working independently. We can choose activities worth 1, 3 or 5 points each! We get to use the netbooks for blogging and spelling games. We learn lots in focus groups with our teachers. We are trying to challenge ourselves more and more each week.

What have you been working on or learning in Literacy recently?


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