Grade 3 Holy Rosary

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Bossy e

For Grade One students who would like to revise their Bossy e words at home, here is an interactive game for you to try. Remember, it is really important to try and read the words aloud as you go!

There is also a song about Bossy e here:


Sight Word Bingo

This is a link to Sight Word Bingo. There are a few different levels to choose from. Let us know if you enjoy it!

Edel and Liz

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“Who am I?” Picture Storybook by Alessandra in 1-2 E


Grade 2 Girls Rule – new blog link!

Dear students,

In the past few weeks a group of girls have been very busy in the Multi-Purpose room.  They have been studying recipes, making Powerpoints, planning a cookery demonstration, creating pizza, making videos and now starting a blog!

This is now a place for all Grade 2 Girls to publish posts and pieces of writing they have worked hard on. Remember anyone can visit the blog and comment on a post (you don’t have to be a girl and you can be in any grade). Parents are also very much encouraged to comment as part of our authentic audience!

Congratulations and Best of Luck!


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Watch our “Mini Masterchef” video!!


Writing by Charlton from 1-2 L

Plants vs. Zombies
When you play plants vs. Zombies it is in all different settings. You also have to destroy the Zombies while the Zombies try to destroy you!

The hardest level is the storm
level because the screen goes all black! But in some ways it
is a bit easy.

I like it because the plants get
to defeat the Zombies and you
get new plants!!!

Have you played plants vs Zombies before?

By Charlton


Creative Character Descriptions

Hi 1-2 E,

Some children at St. Luke’s Primary school in Blackburn have posted character descriptions on their blog. They were inspired by Roald Dahl. Please visit them by clicking on the link below. You may get some good ideas and I’m sure they’d love some positive feedback!




It’s fun to be back!

Welcome to term three!

We are glad to be back and we are looking forward to sharing our learning with you again.

In Maths we are learning about Division. Division means making groups, sharing, doing division sums… We played Smarties Maths. 6 people had to share 60 smarties BUT there were ten, twenty and thirty in three different baskets. We had to decide which basket to stand beside so that we would get the most for each person. Try this at home. It’s tricky at first!

We are meeting our study group each morning in the Multi-Purpose room. We choose a goal to work on for the day or the week. It could be a reading or a writing goal. Dion’s goal is to find synonyms of words (words that mean the same thing.) Steven’s goal is to read over his work to check that it makes sense. Grace’s goal is to show the differences between narrative and non-fiction texts. The adult leader helps us to achieve our goals.

We have started Social and Emotiaonal Learning. This is to help us stay calm, control our feelings and act appropriately at school and at home.

We have a song to learn for the Concert. It’s called “Purple People Eater”. Don’t forget to practise!

We will miss Jennifer a lot this term!

Thank you for visiting and Don’t forget to comment!

from 1-2 E


Our Literacy time in the Multi-Purpose Room

We love Literacy time. It is so much fun. We like using the new bean bags and working independently. We can choose activities worth 1, 3 or 5 points each! We get to use the netbooks for blogging and spelling games. We learn lots in focus groups with our teachers. We are trying to challenge ourselves more and more each week.

What have you been working on or learning in Literacy recently?


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