Grade 3 Holy Rosary

Welcome to our blog!

What’s your favourite thing to do at school?


The people have voted…

And the winner is……..MONKEY!! We will make pictographs and bar charts to present our data.

“What is your favourite of these four animals?”  panther, polar bear, monkey, shark.

We designed this poll together.

It was hard to decide on only four animals.

We were excited that a class from Ireland voted in our poll and wrote a quality comment!

47 votes were cast altogether.

We will show our data on pictographs and bar-charts.

What animal did you choose? Why?



Follow the link and take our Music Poll…

What do you love listening to? 

We are going to find out the most popular music in Grade 1-2 and maybe even at Holy Rosary!!

This poll was created using a website called polldaddy.

Find the link to the polldaddy site here and vote!!


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