Grade 3 Holy Rosary

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Learning new skills with Environment Projects

If you are working on a project, this site may help: 

Jordyn and Grace worked interdependently on “Holy Rosary’s Environment”.

They presented their work with a poster and we also looked at their brainstorm on Kidspiration.

If you need help with key words or creating a glossary, they may be able to help you. Well done girls!

What did you enjoy about this presentation?

Are you researching a topic at the moment and what have you learned so far?

Do you know any key words about the Environment?



Stop the Rubbish!

We have been using three bins in our classroom for the past week. They are for recycling, compost and rubbish. We can’t believe how much rubbish we ended up with! Where will it go? What can we do? Watch this space for our CERES photographs!

1-2 E Stop the Rubbish and Reduce Landfill NOW! on PhotoPeach


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