Grade 3 Holy Rosary

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Our Inquiry unit this term is based on wellbeing and staying healthy.

We have started with physical wellbeing. This involves staying active and maintaining a well balanced diet. We got our pulses racing by taking part in activities with different teachers. We learned how to find our pulse and checked it after different types of activity. We viewed the kids health website

Today we began to talk about emotional wellbeing and especially how to manage anxiety. In library time, we listed signs of anxiousness and read a fictional story about James, who was worried about a Maths test. 

We worked in pairs and threes to come up with strategies and advice for him and then shared our ideas. 1-2 E came up with about twenty ideas! 

We decided that people show anxiety in different ways and there are many ways of managing our anxiety.

The important thing is learning to recognise the signs and knowing how to manage YOUR anxiety. 

Can you remember some of the symptoms or signs of anxiety which we came up with?

What recommendations did you have for the student in the story?





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Keeping Warm with our 3-4 Buddies!


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