Grade 3 Holy Rosary

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“Who am I?” Picture Storybook by Alessandra in 1-2 E


Genius Hour in 1-2 E

Today we went to Mass. We sang and read beautifully and were really proud.

Then we had Genius Hour and we got to do some creating and inventing!

We could make a story on Storybird. We could do some Art. We could play with fabric. We could build with lego. We could make with paper.

Edel taught some of us to weave with pieces of hessian. We poked holes in the hessian with scissors and then we pulled (or weaved) long strips of fabric through and made a pattern or picture. We got to do a practice piece first and then we got a larger piece of hessian to do a “good copy”. It was fun and we are not finished yet!

Nate built a piranha and a ship using Lego. Dash and Callum and Claudia also helped.

Matthieu and Max made flying pigs.

Grace made a story called “The Hoolie Pup” on Storybird.

James worked on his “Australian Discovery” project.

Kyla, Tabitha, Holly, Claudia, Emma, Lily, Madeleine and Kate all joined in the weaving workshop and created some beautiful fabric pictures.

Thank you for reading our post.

What did you create?

What do you think you can create next time?




On Friday morning Grade 2 Students from 1-2 E and 1-2 L looked at the Storybird website together. We have our own accounts and will begin to write our own stories soon. This is a link to the short story we wrote together . It was great fun!

When you log onto Storybird you can read stories others have created and make your own. We  thought the illustrations were the best part!

This is a new and exciting way of publishing our writing and sharing it with a global audience. As part of the writing process, remember to plan and edit your work as you go. When Grade 2 students have had a chance to experiment with Storybird and discover its features, they will help Grade One children who are interested.



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