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Dear students,

In the past few weeks a group of girls have been very busy in the Multi-Purpose room.  They have been studying recipes, making Powerpoints, planning a cookery demonstration, creating pizza, making videos and now starting a blog!

This is now a place for all Grade 2 Girls to publish posts and pieces of writing they have worked hard on. Remember anyone can visit the blog and comment on a post (you don’t have to be a girl and you can be in any grade). Parents are also very much encouraged to comment as part of our authentic audience!

Congratulations and Best of Luck!


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“Catterpillars to Butterflies” by Alessandra 1-2E

This my information text. It’s about how a caterpillar transform into a butterfly. It’s also about a caterpillar’s life.


Caterpillars are special creatures. They turn into butterflies.


 Do you know how caterpillars turn into butterflies? They eat leaves and when they have eaten enough food they build a thing called a cocoon.


After a few weeks the cocoon will hatch and a butterfly will come out!


Cocoons have spikes to protect themselves from their enemies such as birds. Birds think caterpillars are worms.


How do caterpillars move around in a cocoon? The caterpillar comes out half way and crawls until it finds a comfortable spot to settle down.


And that’s all I know about caterpillars.   


Do you have any other facts about butterflies?

Thank you


Happy Holidays 1-2 E!

Well done on all of your hard work this term 1-2 E. 

Please comment on these photographs or your learning this term and tell us what you are up to during these well deserved two weeks off!! 

Enjoy the break everybody…


Creative Recycling of Book Catalogues…


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